by Bubbha Nirvana
Parody Editor

When you first see little Bobby Nomens playing his favorite instrument, his awareness, you’ll be quite surprised to learn that he’s only 7 years old.

His raw talent and amazing abilities are awe-inspiring, and when you see this little boy watch with complete detachment as incredibly deep thoughts, like “What the fuck is anything?”, go floating across his mind, you’ll easily agree that this boy is going to be on the guru circuit for many many decades to come!

Learning from some of the greats, like Buddha, Nisargadatta, and Osho, this boy plays with a smooth confidence and character that make his video a wonder to behold. The personality he shows while watching-without-getting-sucked-in is just downright fun. The skill it takes to do what he does at 7 is way beyond his years; this boy is a tried and true prodigy!

The TN native admits he has been watching his thoughts for many many lifetimes, but for the past seven years he’s really begun to make a name for himself. He’s aloof-watched at major colloquia like the annual Science and NonDuality (SAND) conference and has given numerous interviews to news stations like PBS.

So, the next time you tell your kid, “Get off that damn computer and go outside and play”, don’t be surprised if their natural resistance to authority takes them inside on a playful quest for Truth.